Student Service

Full Boarding System

YCS utilizes a full boarding system to ensure that students receive the best possible learning and living experience. This system provides students with deeper academic support, a well-rounded social experience and more opportunities for subject expansion. On-campus meals are prepared by professional dietitians to ensure balanced nutrition for students.

Instructor-Counsellor System

In order to better focus on the holistic development of students, YCS has introduced a Instructor-Counsellor System. Instructors are responsible for the academic guidance of students to ensure that they achieve excellence in all subject areas. Counsellors on the other hand, are responsible for students’ after-school life, mental health and parent communication, providing students with all-round care.

Mental Health Support

YCS attaches great importance to the mental health of students. YCS has a professional mental health support team to provide counseling services to students. Through regular counseling and mental health activities, YCS helps students develop a positive mindset and improve their ability to cope with challenges.

After-school Programs and Academic Support

Students not only achieve academic excellence in the classroom, but also participate in a wide variety of after-school programs. These programs include arts, sports, science and technology, community service, and more, and are designed to stimulate students’ interests and potential. Study rooms are available in the dormitories and professional tutors are on hand to provide students with the necessary remedial services.

Diversified Social Practices

YCS encourages students to participate in practical social activities to develop their sense of social responsibility and leadership. Students will have the opportunity to participate in volunteer services, community activities and international exchange programs to broaden their horizons and practice teamwork skills.

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Safe and Comfortable Living Environment

The school provides safe and comfortable student apartments with smart eco-technology to ensure that the living environment is both modern and environmentally friendly. Residential staff are responsible for the daily lives of students to ensure that they are safe and healthy every day.

Internationalized Academic Atmosphere

Students will study in an international academic atmosphere and grow with fellow students from all over the world. This multicultural environment provides students with a broader perspective and a richer academic experience.