Principle's Scholarships

Distinction Award: Awarded to the student who ranks first in overall performance during the school year.

Merit Award: Awarded to students who rank in the top 5% in terms of overall performance during the school year.

Application qualifications: Students who have outstanding performance during school, excellent academic performance, and positive performance.

Evaluation criteria: Evaluation based on academic performance, overall quality, and activities inside and outside the school during the school year.

Letters of Recommendation: Provide at least one letter of recommendation that emphasizes the student’s academic ability, leadership potential, and active participation in school activities.

Admission Scholarships

Outstanding Student Award: The top 5% of students in terms of entrance test scores and comprehensive evaluation.
Outstanding Rookie Award: Students who rank in the top 10% in entrance test scores and comprehensive assessment.

Application Qualifications: Students applying for admission have high overall quality and demonstrate excellent academic and non-academic potential.
Academic Standards: Provide transcripts from the previous two academic years and detail courses and grades on the application form.
Comprehensive quality: outstanding achievements or special talents in culture, art, sports, community service, etc.
Admission Interview: Complete an admission interview to further evaluate the student’s personal qualities and potential.